Corporate Path Cell

The weight of human individuality upon the purposeful competence of an organization and its personnel has  been widely recognized. The individuality can also be tailored to a definite extent. Consequently, recent years have seen a diversity of efforts by professionals in a variety of fields to intend courses that will lend a hand to develop certain positive trends in individuality. MIT College of Management is having well managed Corporate Path Cell with fully dedicated team members to develop students.

CPC has designed program in the field of Management with an emphasis on excellent academics, research and professional career for the students. Corporate orientation creates optimum opportunities for the to students to get exposed to the vigours of the corporate life. The emphasis on Corporate Training combines an  MBA education with best practices from the fields of management education, effective group dynamics, and  human resource management. The cell organizes various activities which enable students to be team player  and team leader. They are required to participate in mock placement interviews and various personality development activities . At the end of each session, the members of the CPC give constructive feedback to the students and monitor the growth and development of each student. Regular workshops for personality development are also conducted by eminent professionals and faculty members.

Objectives of CPC Are:

  • To endorse excellence in training that completely impacts every single one student as part of group by providing technical support.
  •  To bring about individual growth with regard to the different behavioral dimensions
  • To prepare the students in soft skill and develop their personalities and raise their awareness about themselves. Get better insights into one's responsibilities in personal life to build better human being.
  • To influence the all-around dimensions of the personality of the students

Corporate Path tries to bridge the gap between analytical and functional skill by providing the best fit to the student.MIT prepares its students to undertake challenge from the first day of their professional life.

  • Preparing Business Plans
  • Mock Interviews
  • Pre-Placement Talks
  • Role Play & Role Reversal
  • Thematic Apperception Test
  • Enriching the oral and written communication skills
  • Business Quiz
  • Psychometric Tests
  • Corporate affairs/News
  • Etiquette Workshop
  • Extempore
  • Live Projects
  • Group Discussions
  • Street Play
  • Preparing Resume
  • Ad mad Shows
  • In house Training
  • Mechanism of english Language
  • Analyzing corporate profiles
  • Development of intra and inter personal skill
  • Personality SWOT Analysis
  • Enhancement of public speaking and presentation
  • Time Management Workshop
  • Enhancing the ability to learn new skill fast
  • Problem solving based learning
  • Grooming student overall personality
  • Industry interfare and industry visits
  • Management games
  • Case studies
  • Outdoor activites
  • Just a minute sessions



Student testimonials

" I was fortunate to bethe part of CPC at MIT as it prepared me for the corporate interview and presentation. CPC has a program structure that indulges the student into it and develops the sense of competitiveness in them, I am one of those who have benefited from this .

Rishi Saxena

"I would thank CPC for improving my skills to a great extend. It is the because of CPC that I am able to over come my fear of public speaking and improved on my presentation skills

Arun Chaudhary

"MIT is among the top B-Schools in Uttar Pradesh region, this is one reason I joined this institution, the Placements and Results hav always been outstanding.

Prachi Sharma